Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stand by your...blog

Tamarind wrote a post a while back that mentioned a few other blogs at the end. One of his plugs was a post by Tessy at Reflections From The Pond. I had never stumbled across her blog before and I have to say that I have really enjoyed it. The post that Tam mentioned is in regards to naming and shaming other players in PuGs which was a post written well before I got started here. Well, damn it, that's what I am doing here! So I read what she had to say with a very open mind. She makes some very valid points that I agree with whole-heartedly. But there are also a few items with which I don't agree. Here are my thoughts...

I am going to continue naming people from time to time because I am a fan of accountability. If the person that I name never reads my blog, so be it. If that person does read my post and wants to rebuttal, there is a handy comment section at the bottom for their venting pleasure. I give all of my readers my word that I will make their comment viewable.

I will do my best to remain objective at all times in my posts. Tessy mentioned a lot of reasons that bad things happen in PuGs that have absolutely nothing to do with a person's character. And she is absolutely right. I was in a regular ToC 5 man PuG on my DK trying for the hundredth time to get the Black Knights Black Heart. (I swear that has been removed from the loot table.) We did the silly joust, took down the first 3 named annoyances and were waiting for the three groups of three to come marching through the door and take their positions. All of the sudden the 9 mobs were running all over the room and there was stars falling from the sky. I would have needed my death and decay to be about 40 times larger to get that situation under control. Before I could even unclench, 3 people were dead. Sure enough, the druid had cast starfall before the groups of mobs were even in their positions. I was frantically typing a question as to what the strategy was there and the vote to kick popped up on my screen. The druid said he was sorry and that his dog had caused that to happen. But the vote was passed and away he went. Apparently, hell hath no fury like a bunch of strangers having to pony up a repair bill for no reason. I am with you on this one Tessy, $h*! happens. I will use this as a guideline for any person on my list. My previous posts have very specific behaviors targeted.

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