Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been reading WoW blogs for a little over a year now. I really enjoy reading the huge variety of different opinions on everything from theorycrafting healadins to becoming "rich". I have never boasted writing as one of my skills so I was reluctant to add to the mix, especially because I didn't have anything to write about. Until now.

One of my favorite topics out there is FailPUGs. For you newbs or noobs or nobs (whatever the "cool" spelling is these days), a FailPUG is a Pick Up Group that makes you wish you weren't playing WoW. The new LookingForDungeon system introduced in patch 3.3 has made PUGing a daily ritual for many players. I was anti-PUG for years until LFD and now I find myself participating 3-4 times a day. I have many alts, I want badges, I want upgrades.

I complete the daily random quest with members of my guild, whenever possible. Sometimes I have to do the random alone or just fill a spot or two. And sometimes I find myself in a group with a complete jerk. The purpose of this blog is to call these people name. No longer will I allow them to treat other members of the party with disrespect and get away "scot free". Also, I want to salute those kind souls that realize they just found themselves in a less than desirable group and showed patience and understanding.

One Ground Rule: I am focusing on respect or the lack of it. I am not going to mock the 3000 gearscore DK that did 800 dps and appears to be open to advice. Now if he has spell power gear on and refuses to take advice, that is a different story. He is disrespecting the group by not taking the time to "L2P" and subjecting others to his failure.

I suspect the most common target of my blog will be those players that blatantly degrade other players because they did not do things exactly as that individual wanted it done. "GO GO GO" & "L2P, (ignorant explicative)" will be instant triggers of my attention.

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